You can have better!


You can have better! 

The marriage God has for you may not be the one you are in right now!  No, I am not talking about leaving; I am talking about cleaving.  What He has is greater than your vision, your past, your hurts, what you have right now, or even what you think you want.

The world tells us that being in love virtually guarantees a perfect marriage; this idea encourages us to follow our hearts.  Is this true?  Does this work?  Is it biblical?

Are we ready to really follow our hearts?  Does the heart’s desire equal what is best?  Is there something we can do to help our heart be content and not be led into what is false or dysfunctional?

What about my heart?  Because our hearts are corrupted with sin and can lead us to what is false, actions based on the heart alone can result in indecision, unpredictability, inconsistency, shallow, and ever-changing desires that lead us in multiple wrong directions and blind us to what is better and more fulfilling.

So, how will we be led in the right direction (Psalm 37:4; Proverbs 23:7; 27:19; Matthew 15:19)?


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