Communicate and Commune!

First, read 1 Corinthians 7:1-11, 39-40, 13:1-13, be committed to learn, forgive and engage God’s Truth and apply His precepts to your life.  Then, the revolution for the healthier marriage begins.


Tips for Husbands:  If your wife does not respect you, you need to earn it and be patient.  Some women will not voice their hearts, so you must discover what it is important and work on the following:

  • Women need to feel loved, cherished, safe and protected.
  • Listen to her and seek to deeply understand her, let her know you are glad that she is your wife.
  • Discuss your feelings.  Yes, it is hard, but it is necessary to share your hopes,  fears, and dreams.
  • Let her know that she is the most precious and the special person to you.
  • Be romantic with non-sexual ways, special dates, and simple kind gifts like a flower with a note in her car.
  • Find out what it is what makes your wife happy and do it, even if you do not, like hiking.
  • Turn away from lustful images!
  • Step up; take the role of leadership without condescending or lording over.


Tips for Wives:  Even if your husband does not seem to cherish you or say what is important to him, you can help turn him on to you with the following:

  • Express real lovingly respect and admiration, even if he does not deserve it; he may step up to it.
  • Men tend to be prideful; do not keep pointing out past mistakes.  Allow him to lead without saying, “I told you so.”  If he is wrong, respectfully suggest an alternative solution.
  • Take notice of the good that he does and show your appreciation for the things he does right.
  • Be more enthusiastic about sex and allure him, men like to be admired and pursued too.
  • Find out what it is what makes your husband happy and do it, even if you do not share the same interests.
  • Be patient; do not have unrealistic expectations!

Remember, if you want a great Christian marriage get this: There is nothing more important to a man than to feel respected and appreciated. There is nothing more important to a woman than to feel loved and cherished!  Get this, and you get a good marriage!

Key marriage tip: Yes, you can!  We can apply the love and forgiveness Christ gave us. This will allow us to do more, each being a helpmate to the other while growing in maturity and raising good and healthy children who love God and life—all becoming a precious family that is the anchor of the community and civilization.


If you need a gentle touch to get this, remember when we place a period, God can and will place a comma!


In Christ, all that comes to us is for God’s glory, purpose, and our good.  (Romans 8:28).  He seeks to bring us closer to Himself by His love, joy, and peace (Romans 5:1-5) that we may share His love with those around us to convey God’s purpose for His people (John 17:20-24; Acts 2:24; 44-47).



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