Divorce-Proof Tips

Preventing Divorce Tips


Divorce-proof tip:  Marriages that are in trouble tend not to pray together or communicate nor do they spend time together. When this happens, it is time to refocus and reboot and get help.

Divorce-proof tip:  Have a disagreement or a problem to solve; then, listen to their position. Be kind!

Divorce-proof tip:  Never say anything negative about your spouse in public! Misery does not like company, and you will get bad advice back. Remember to love and respect.  Only talk to a trusted friend or qualified pastor or counselor, and let your spouse know about it, (unless there is abuse).

Divorce-proof tip:  Never drop bombshells in public that you have not discussed previously with your spouse.. Like, I got a new job, and we are moving. Not good! Discuss first, and then tell others.

Divorce-proof tip:  Show interest. Put your newspaper, magazine, phone or smart electronic device down when you talk, out for dinner and so forth. Real life lived in the present always supersedes media and virtual life!

Divorce-proof tip: When you fight, and you will have disagreements and problems, you have to take a step back away from the emotions and ask yourself, is this important? Is my point important enough to hurt my family?

Divorce-proof tip: When you are fighting, remember you already lost. Focus on how to resolve it and listen.

Divorce-proof tip:  Plan ahead your disagreements. That is, have a plan how to handle each others point of view when you disagree and do that when you are not disagreeing.

Divorce-proof tip:  When we realize that marriage is not about me, what I want, what my spouse can do for me, then, we are moving up in our relationship and will get more out of it and be more content.

Divorce-proof tip:  Major on the majors, don’t major on the minors, i.e. it is more important that you pray together than how the house is organized. It is more important  to practice love  than what color you should paint the bathroom…

Divorce-proof tip: Give compliments, give kind words of affirmation, make them feel special, even when you do not feel like it. We all need to feel loved, give the love you want in return and it may happen.

Divorce-proof tip:  Do not just criticize or always talk about yourself, refocus on being positive with your spouse.

Divorce-proof tip:  Make your marriage a priority and work it as it is. Spend time, quality time, date nights, treat them with kindness and the Fruit of the Spirit.

Divorce-proof tip:  Be romantic!  Do not be boring!  Remember the excitement when you first were dating and try to be that exciting person who is interested in your spouse. Try to create memorable moments, plan fun stuff, get away, do not always do the same old things.

Divorce-proof tip:  If things get stale, then be stimulating, try a hobby together, volunteer somewhere together, find some fun together.

Divorce-proof tip: Do not flirt, period.  It is not harmless!  That is the prime gateway to affairs.

Divorce-proof tip:  Do not confide with the opposite sex with any personal encounters or moments or anything your spouse would not approve of.

Divorce-proof tip:  Do not linger with people of the opposite sex. Do your job with kindness, worship in a respectful mode; but, do not hang out, unless your spouse is there.

Divorce-proof tip:  Develop healthy friendships with the same sex. Your spouse is not designed to fulfill your entire social life. Make friends, too. The secret to making friends is simple, be friendly and interested in them.

Divorce-proof tip:  Watching pornography is not harmless like the movies and TV depict. It is extremely destructive to your mind’s eye, and what you see is not even real. It will replace effectual reality with what is fleeting, and will sneak and snake its way into your relationship and cause havoc.

Divorce-proof tip: Do not do what your spouse would not approve of. Do not do what you do not want your spouse to do. This will help you make wiser choices.

Divorce-proof tip: Get help when you need it even if you do not want it. See a qualified counseling pastor or therapist. There is not shame is seeking help, it is what God wants you to do!

Divorce-proof tip:  Remember, forgiveness as Christ has forgiven you!

Divorce-proof tip:  Never use or say the word ‘divorce,’ or it would be better if we never been married.



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