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A place for biblical thoughts, research and insights for leading your marriage and the marriages in your church to grow in maturity and faith for God’s Glory!

This blog and the book it is based on is not about my theories or some personal  agenda; rather, this work is based on God’s precepts on building a great marriage.  My role in this is reading the Bible, conducting research, extracting prime precepts, practicing them, observing the results, and laying them out for you.  While I understand the concepts are easy and the practice can be difficult, this is completely doable even in the most barren circumstances.

This love and marriage book is also based on over 25 years of careful exegetical research and pastoral counseling experience.

Primarily, this series is based carefully on the Bible’s timeless truths.  It is not about psychological fads or theories. The goal is to find the best real answers from the timeless truths for real help to those who just need to know or who are down and out and do not know where to go. The main viewpoints and directions are what the Lord gives us from His Word so that we can better prepare and practice for the second most important thing we will ever do in life (the first being our salvation).

In addition to the Word, research, and experience, over 100 couples in fulfilling, long-lasting marriages were interviewed.

This facilitated the “Tips.”  To round this out, some key research was gleaned from the Schaeffer Institute, the Fuller Institute, and Fuller Seminary.  Included in interviews and consultations were: Ray Stedman, Chuck Miller, Dr. John Gottman, Edith Schaeffer, Dr. Julie Gorman, Dr. Archibald Heart, John Stott, Dr. Clyde Narramore and many other professionals including many seasoned pastors and Christian counselors.

This is a work is also one of practice–the trials and errors of a married man who has made the mistakes and tried his best to be better, who has failed and has succeeded to be the best spouse that one can be.  I have never been unfaithful, praise God; but, I have had to examine how faithful I have been in my loving and adoration, in my cherishing, forgiving, affections, even when times have been bad and daunting.  I am a work in progress, as we all are.

The entity of the resources on this blog will be research made practical!


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Our articles, research, essays and curriculums are designed for any Christian, church leader or pastor to get to know and teach the Bible better. 


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