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this is marriage cov


The Book is out today!


And my book is out today, I think this is one of the best ones ever written on the subject, it is biblical, practiced, true and practical….

This Is Marriage


…, 20+ years in the making…

“The real authenticity of our Lord, will enable us to build a real authenticity of love and respect, that will in turn build a “Wondrous Marriage!”









My other books:

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“The Field Guide to Healthy Relationships” Learn More

Net-Work!” Learn More   and just released, The New Exodus  E Book more E Books      

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New Exodus   Why People Leave the Church and How to Invite Them Back. this is the Book originally called “Pew-Sitting,” as some of you were asking about, when it will be ready… here it is!   The New Exodus P

aperback The New Exodus  E Book more E Books      


Into Thy Word   A Simple, Easy to Learn way to Better Understand the Bible and what God has to say to us. How to better study the Bible. How to do an Inductive Bible Study with a 15-week curriculum!    

The Field Guide to Healthy Relationships   Discovering and Applying Biblical Precepts to the Building of Lasting, Quality Relationships, Including Marriage and How to Find the Person Who Is Right for You!            


Learn to Build the Net of Faith to Catch Others for the Faith! This book will teach you how to build your faith and Christian formation. And in return be able to share your faith without fear to others even without opening your mouth! And if you do use words what to say and how to say it with confidence to glorify our Lord.



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