CMTA Notes and Syllabus

My notes and syllabus for this week’s conference, You can have a “Wondrous Marriage!” 

I will be showing you how to do a workshop, seminar or small group curriculum that you can lead yourself in your church or home.

 For weekend seminar:  Marriage Tune-up 

For day seminar:               LoveChallengeho

It is about: God’s precepts on building a great marriage and making marriage succeed even in times of stress and turmoil. You will discover the real authenticity of our Lord, will enable us to build a real authenticity of love and respect, that will in turn build a “Wondrous Marriage!”

Why this workshop?

Yes, there are many good ones to go to, Family Life, Gottman’s, even Marriage Encounter, and New Life charges $1,598 per couple, it is considered the best and it is, but this one is better. Why? It is based on 25 years of doing this, with ongoing research, and it is based on God’s timeless true Truth, not a psychological fad. Plus, we have practical, you can use now, information that will help you for many years to come. And you can do it in your church, do it cost effectively instead of outsourcing your ministry and people.


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