The Book is out in Amazon!

And my book is out today, I think this is one of the best ones ever written on the subject, it is biblical, practiced, true and practical…. and easy to read…

This Is Marriage

this is marriage cov

…, 20+ years in the making…

“The real authenticity of our Lord, will enable us to build a real authenticity of love and respect, that will in turn build a “Wondrous Marriage!”


“This Is Marriage,” out on April 25!

this is marriage cov

Releasing on April 25, 2014, “This Is Marriage,”

Dr. Richard Joseph Krejcir, ISBN (9781611022599)

Product Description

You are holding the solution to have a triumphant marriage.

This is Marriage is not about trendy ideas; rather, points us to God’s truth, His effectual precepts on building a great marriage. By examining the Bible, conducting real research and extracting the precepts with practice and then sets them all out for you in an easy practical fashion. Believe me, I know the concepts are easy, the practice is tough; however, this is the only book you will need to guide you, even in harsh circumstances.